Jeff Pratt, an international speaker and author, leads contemplative retreats around the world--everywhere from medical contemplative pilgrimages in Africa to a hiking pilgrimage in the Swiss Alps to a retreat in Assisi, Italy. In April, Jeff will be coming to lead a retreat for us at Coastlands.

The retreat will be held in Morro Bay, and will take place on Friday evening and most of the day Saturday. It's not an overnight event. Cost will be somewhere between $25 and $50 per person, depending on number of attendees. if you are seriously considering attending, there is a sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

"HOMECOMING" Contemplative Retreat

APRIL 8-9, 2016

The Homecoming Retreat is a chance for us to come away for a weekend to give full attention to developing a deeper intimacy with God--Using the mediums of storytelling, movie illustrations, Biblical teaching, and personal prayer times, a climate is set within our hearts for Spiritual Renewal; a life-altering encounter with God that will lead to a better understanding of God's dreams and purposes for our lives.
Here is what the weekend looks like:
Friday Evening Session – “A Place Called Home” Using John 15 we will discover how to find “The Abiding Place” or  “The Place called Home” where the Trinity lives within our hearts. This is a place of great power and security, anchored in God's undying love. However in our busy culture we’re often too busy to live “at Home” and thus we’re Prodigal sons and daughters who are need of a Homecoming.
Saturday Morning Session – “Prayer and Contemplation” We will explore how Prayer and Contemplation pave for us a pathway Home to the heart of our God where we can be free from our False Self, and the fractures in our hearts. . .free to have a life changing encounter with Christ that will affect the world

Saturday Early Afternoon: A time of practical application where each attendee will prepare one’s heart for A Homecoming with God through a time of  Guided Silence, Solitude and Prayer, followed by Sharing and Affirmation time and fun together!

Saturday Late Afternoon – “God’s Dreams and Missional Purposes for Our Lives”: In our concluding session, we will explore a series of questions that will help us understand God’s unique personal purposes for our lives so we can better understand our destinies.  (Time will be given to approach God with these questions in prayer.) Goals for the Attendees: To be led in a Homecoming journey of personal transformation, where we are able to leave the negative affects of our pasts behind, as well as the busyness of our present lives, and more clearly hear the Voice that calls us “The Beloved.”  Our desire is to facilitate a weekend where we expect nothing less than a Spiritual Awakening, a revitalized passion for God and for God's missional purposes for our lives!

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