"Leave Room for the Holy Spirit" Ministry Training



What is it?

An experiential learning opportunity, where we will learn about ways that the Spirit speaks to us, enhance our ability to recognize the Holy Spirit's nudges, and learn how to participate in God's work in the lives of others through Spirit-led prayer.

Why are we doing this?

Have you ever had someone come up to you, share a word, picture, scripture, or sense, and you knew that it was straight from the Father's heart into your life and situation? Most likely you felt seen, valued, and noticed by God and others, and were encouraged on the journey. Our desire is that at Coastlands we grow more and more familiar with collaborating with God in sharing God's heart with others in that way, so that everyone realizes that the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are near and care for them.

Why are you calling it "Leave room for the Holy Spirit"?

It's a tongue-in-cheek reference to that old churchy way of describing dancing in which the partners leave a gap between their physical entities in order to not be accused of inappropriate proximity. We're hijacking that phrase to talk about a kind of prayer in which we allow God to do the heavy lifting and show us things we might not see simply in the physical realm.

What will the time consist of?

Some teaching, processing, activation/practice, more processing, and more practice


Sunday, August 21st, from 2-5 pm


Mike and Betty Frye's house--address will be sent out in an email

What about my kids?

We will have childcare available at a different location. Details will be passed along once the number of attendees solidifies.

What should I bring?

A Bible, a notebook, and a writing utensil. An eagerness to hear from God and an openness to new experiences

Does it cost anything?


Will there be food?

We will not be eating lunch or dinner together, but there will definitely be snacks and coffee.

I'm in! How do I sign up?

By filling out this form right here:

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