YoungLife Summer Camps

There are a list of things that set YoungLife Camp apart from any other summer camp. For example, meals are far from your typical “camp food”… every meal is uniquely delicious and nutritious and campers are actually SERVED their meal as if they were dining at a nice restaurant. Meals are then cleared off their tables by volunteer high school workers. Every day, cabins are cleaned by volunteer workers, bedding is provided and cabin bathrooms are washed down. Every camp has a doctor there, as well as interns serving at EMT’s ensuring camper safety. Each day is jam packed with fun events, free time for campers to swim, play sports out on the field, zip line, and go to the game room. Every night, students experience “Club” which is a larger scale version of what we do Monday nights, and a message is shared that challenges middle school students in their faith while providing a zero pressure environment for middle schoolers to come with questions, confusion, uncertainties and leaves them feeling safe and accepted with whatever thoughts they have. Ultimately, Younglife Camp's greatest desire is to do EVERYTHING with as much love and joy as possible, and it’s unreal how well they achieve just that.


All of SLO County Wyldlife always heads out to Young Life camp during the summer and year after year our middle school students experience the time of their lives there, being challenged in their faith, experiencing fun like never before and making memories with their friends.

WyldLife San Luis Obispo County
Middle School 2018 Summer Camp Trip
Dates: June 25th - June 30th
Price: $600
Location: Oakbridge Young Life Summer Camp

The total cost is $600, we do have fund-raising opportunities to help out as much as we can. We are also more than willing to set up payment plans and take it in increments. We have many fundraisers quickly approaching and as they do, we would be more than happy to keep you in the loop to cut the price down as much as possible!

Here is a link to our SLO County Wyldlife website where you can find the registration form, health form and details about our trip:

If you still have questions, contact Molly Morris at

For High School Students

They will be going to Lost Canyon in Williams, AZ from July 29 to August 4! The cost is $650.

Here is a link for more info and to sign up:

If you still have questions, contact Chelsea Mohun at