A Vision for the Coastlands Community


As the community architect for coastlands, i see a place...

...Where people can get in touch with who God is and who they are, and we help one another live it out.

I see a place where we can come together in a safe space to dialogue about faith and life.

I see spiritual parents and grandparents coming alongside the younger generations and little children, as we find ways to serve, bless and encourage one another across generational lines.

I see a space where we operate out of a place of rest, where we value rhythm and sustainability, and where we experience our unchangeable identity and inclusion in the life of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and mission and service flow out of that awareness.

I see a place where we can come together and have our hearts and minds healed from unhelpful views of self, world, and God. As this happens, we will be less toxic, more whole; be better partners, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters: not get as easily caught up in the rat race, consumerism and materialism, where we pace ourselves and do not feel the need to perform or strive, or to prove ourselves to the world. It is a place not of control but of flow, where "rivers of living water" flow out from within us to one another, our families, and communities. 

I see a place where all of us matter, are welcomed, and seen, regardless of where we are on our journey.