Coastlanders: post some of your favorite Christmas Season quotes!

I will start the Christmas ornament rolling:

 “God slept with some dirty asses in a stable to save us from ourselves. That’s it.”

~Tanya Runyan from her article How to Win the War on Christmas posted in good letters (WWW.IMAGEJOURNAL.COM)


Should a public school make kids of all religious faiths sing songs about Jesus? That doesn’t seem to be the most loving thing. (I’m guessing most Christians who are concerned about the war on Christmas would not want Ramadan concerts in their kids’ schools!)

Jesus can take care of himself just fine. The world stops every year and always will for a holy moment whether it wants to or not because of his birth. We don’t need to fight any supposed war on Christmas. Nor do we need to force Christmas on people of other faiths or life perspectives.

Christmas is a time to pause, reflect, to be with family, and for those of us who are Christians, to celebrate the birth of Jesus in ways that bring light in the darkness in gracious, not forceful, ways.

~Tim Wright from his blog article on Patheos titled: The Myth of the War on Christmas?