These posts offer resources to dive deeper, beyond Sunday messages, into what John is saying in his book. We encourage you to utilize these individually or, better yet, as a group (if you aren't yet a part of a small group here at Coastlands, consider forming an informal one during this series to discuss, question, and pray through). Between Sunday and these resources, we hope you discover a deep sense of what this gospel has to say...both intellectually and personally.

Coastlands Messages:

JOHN CHAPTER 3: Nicodemus and Born Again, and Again, and Again (Betty Frye)

JOHN CHAPTER 4: Jesus Sees Us (Phil Voth)

JOHN CHAPTER 5: Do You Want to Be Made Well?

JOHN CHAPTER 5 & 9: Mud in the Face

JOHN CHAPTER 8: Tenderness and Strength

Additional Resources:

LEGO Sukkot movie: background to John 7 and the festival