From Richard Rohr's weekly email:

St. Augustine said, “If you comprehend it, it is not God.” And yet, very often we want a God who reflects and even confirms our culture, our biases, our economic, political, and security systems. (Sunday)

Money is an invention . . . a fabrication. . . . We have made money more important than we are, given it more meaning than human life. —Lynne Twist (Monday)

To be a contemplative means to look at reality with much wider eyes than mere usability, functionality, or self-interest; it is to experience inherent enjoyment for a thing in itself as itself. An act of love is its own reward and needs nothing in return. (Tuesday)

Imagine what the world would be like if we treated others with inherent and equal dignity and respect, seeing the divine DNA in ourselves and everyone else too—regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, appearance, or social class. (Wednesday)

God as Trinity reveals an economy of grace—overflowing love. The Gospel stories of “multiplication” clearly show a world view of abundance. (Thursday)

It is a fundamental law of nature, that there is enough and it is finite. Its finiteness is no threat; it creates a more accurate relationship that commands respect, reverence, and managing those resources with the knowledge that they are precious and in ways that do the most good for the most people. —Lynne Twist (Friday)